Teflon Sintering Ovens

Teflon-coated and sintered films and fabrics are cost effective insulators used in the emerging energy fields.  Cire Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce a new equipment emphasis to help meet the high demand for coating and sintering Teflon on web materials.  For the industry, we have successfully provided horizontal and vertical ovens for Teflon drying and sintering on both films and fabrics.  We are experienced in designing high-temperature flotation dryers and ovens, with an emphasis on energy recovery.

Characteristics of our units include the following:

  • Flotation design resulting in no contact with the web through the oven.
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Multiple temperature and velocity zones.
  • Electric or gas-fired designs available. Indirect gas-fired heating is also available.
  • Uniform temperature and velocity profiles across the web.
  • Operating temperatures up to 400°
  • Significant energy recovery, utilizing the heat content of the exhaust air to pre-heat the make-up air used in the oven.
  • Planer retraction or access door with no retraction designs.
  • Designed to compensate for thermal expansion of the nozzles, headers, and corresponding ductwork. Thermal stresses are limited, ensuring a long life to the oven.
  • Custom designed to your application.

Contact us for a consultation on your application.  We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities.

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