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Impingement Dryers

Cire Technologies supplies impingement dryers to the full range of paper, film, foil, metal coil and textile web converting industries. These impingement dryers range from press dryers to adhesive coating dryers over one hundred feet long.  Our impingement dryers utilize state of the art construction proven by years of successful installations.

Standard to our Impingement Dryers are the following features:

  • Shoe box nozzles fed by central headers provide uniform heating and allow the exhaust to be removed from the web between the nozzles preventing excessive drying of the web edges.
  • Idler roll bearings mounting on structural steel outside the dryer with all rolls removable through the side of the dryer box.
  • Variable speed drives provide with the recirculating (supply) air and exhaust air fans.
  • Premium quality burners, controls and gas train components. Where gas burners are required we use Maxon Corporation burners and Honeywell burner controls and gas train components unless otherwise specified.
  • Insulated dryer box, burner box and ductwork construction that is both very durable and provides excellent insulating quality. Hot spots are eliminated and the insulating system will withstand operator and maintenance personnel abuse without degrading.
  • All pressure ductwork is welded construction with angle flanges, leakage will not occur. 
  • Nozzles and plenums are welded construction and of material gages thick enough to retain their shape and drying characteristics for the life of the machine.

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