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Batch Ovens

Cire Technologies designs and fabricates custom batch ovens, specializing in difficult applications where off-the-shelf ovens are not applicable.  Batch ovens include drying, heat treating and curing applications.  Our batch oven systems are characterized by uniform heat transfer and energy efficient design.  Because we are limited by fitting stock ovens to your process we are able to design and implement creative and innovative approaches to unique applications.

Typical industries served include:

  • Semiconductor
  • Carbon Fiber

Design features of our batch ovens:

  • Uniform heat transfer
  • Efficient energy usage including waste heat recovery when available
  • Option for integrated fume oxidizer
  • Multiple heat sources available including gas fired, oil fired, electric, waste heat recovery and indirect gas fired
  • Top quality materials and components
  • HMI and PLC control with optional recipe system is available

To learn more about Cire Technologies' capabilities in batch oven design please contact us directly or use the contact request forms to have us contact you.

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Batch Oven Projects

  • E-Ink-oven
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