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Industrial Dryers and Ovens

Cire Technologies Dryers and Ovens

Cire Technologies manufactures direct impingement dryers and impingement ovens along with flotation dryers and flotation ovens for the multitude of web converting industries. All of our dryers / ovens are custom designed to your specific products yet provide flexibility to adjust to changes in your production requirements over time.

CireTech-OKCire Technologies uses only the finest construction techniques to ensure process repeatability and equipment dependability. Our dryers are carefully designed to insure uniform heat transfer across the profile of the web. Typical variations in our dryers and ovens for velocity are below ± 5% and temperature are under ± 1°C. This consistency will enable you to produce even higher quality products. Because the units we furnish will typically operate for decades they are designed and built to adapt to changes in your business.

CireTech-OKForemost in our design philosophy is heat transfer flexibility, uniformity and repeatability over a wide range of operating parameters. Our dryers are built to provide these capabilities with easy and repeatable adjustments. Careful consideration is given to efficient operation with the goal of minimizing the cost of producing your product


Batch Ovens - Custom Designed!

Cire Technologies manufacturers custom design batch ovens for industry.  We specialize in difficult applications.  Typical recent applications include batch ovens for the semiconductor industry and carbon fiber industry.  Because our ovens are custom designed to your application you don't have to compromise to fit your application into a stock unit.  Our designs often produce creative solutions to difficult applications and innovative ways to minimize energy usage, including extensive use of waste heat recovery on high temperature applications. Characteristics of our batch ovens include the following:

  • Uniform temperature and velocity profiles
  • Ramp and soak capability
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Heavy duty construction built to last
  • Recipe capability

Some options available in our batch ovens

  • Nitrogen or other process gas atmospheres
  • Drying and curing capability
  • Waste heat recovery of high temperature exhaust or oxidizer exhaust to heat the oven


Dryer & Oven Projects

  • prec-litho-metal-coil-dryer
  • azon-burner-box-flotation-dryer
  • dryer-MVC-020S
  • hazen-paper-dryer-L4
  • Hazen-paper-dryer-lam1
  • hazen-paper-dryer-lam4
  • paxar-replacement dryer
  • s v i d install 3
  • Three Pass, Eight Zone Flotation Dryer
  • s v impingement dryer install 2
  • b auxiliary equipment side of flotation oven 2
  • Three Pass, Six Zone Electric Oxidizing Flotation Oven
  • b flotation dryer 2
  • b view inside sintering zone of flotation oven 2
  • d aux equipment for 4 press imp dryers
  • 3 Zone Arched Impingement Dryer
  • d mixing dampers for 4 press imp dryers
  • Gas Fired Pre-Heat Oven Installed
  • e tower oven during fabrication
  • Tower Flotation Oven During Installation
  • x interstation and top coat impingement dryers
  • Shipping a Direct Impingement Pre-Heat Oven
  • Rigging Burner Box into Building
  • b flotation dryer 2 during fabrication
  • a flotation dryer control panel



  • Custom design to your specific production requirements
  • Uniformity of heat transfer
  • Repeatability of results
  • Dependability of operation
  • Flexibility to change operating parameters for future production


  • Choice of heat source; natural gas fired, electric, steam, oil fire, indirect heating and waste heat recovery
  • Multiple independent temperature and velocity zones
  • Retracting header systems to vastly increase the maintainability and range of heat transfer performance achievable
  • Waste heat recovery from the process exhaust or from connected oxidizers to supplement or fully supply the heat for the process
  • Recipe capability
  • Fume oxidizer equipment to destroy exhaust effluents from the process
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