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Cire Technologies manufactures three styles of oxidizers: regenerative oxidizer, recuperative thermal, and recuperative catalytic, along with simple thermal oxidizers / afterburners for VOC abatement.

Our ALBIS (click to view) approach ensures the most appropriate oxidizer selection for your application. We will not force your application into a one-type-fits-all mindset. Since we manufacture each type of oxidizer we will recommend the best technology to solve your process needs.

CireTech-OKInnovative solutions to difficult applications - including (as far as we know) the only self-cleaning heat exchanger for high silica dioxide dust applications, a unit with over fifteen years of service under severe dust loading conditions.


CireTech-OKCommitted to waste heat recovery - Oxidizers can be sources of substantial quantities of waste heat which we have successfully used back in the process for many of our customers, often completely supplying the heat provided for the process.


Use the Quick Contact or Request Information button to find how we can use our innovative and creative engineering to help you find the best solution to your VOC application.

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Oxidizer Projects

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  • installing-regenerative-thermal-oxidizer-compac
  • nozzle-burner-fruedenberg-cat-oxidizer
  • magnaquech-regen-oxidizer-elevation
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Burner Systems
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  • regen 15
  • regen 14
  • cat 1
  • regen 19
  • 4,500 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • regen 17
  • image401
  • elev installed
  • 12,000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer with 65% Effective Primary Heat Exchanger
  • 2,500 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer
  • cat 2
  • recup 2
  • recup 1
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  • image402
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  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Rear View
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