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Our highly trained staff is available for consultation on your drying / curing / heat treating (flotation dryer, impingement dryers, custom batch ovens, industrial dryers) and oxidization (thermal oxidizer, catalytic oxidizer, regenerative oxidizer) needs. We are often asked by clients to improve their processes or modify them to run a new product. We are good at solving problems affecting production and troubleshooting faulty equipment. Our expertise will save you time and money.

A typical consulting project starts with a site visit and inspection of your process.  Often that includes gathering data and taking measurements of your equipment's operating parameters. At our offices, we perform the necessary calculations and use our experience and creativity to develop conceptual design solutions when appropriate. After completing our study, we provide a comprehensive report of our recommendations, and if equipment modifications are necessary to achieve your goals, we include an estimate of their cost.

Some typical Cire Technologies services include:

  • Dryer and oven studies to improve production characteristics including line speed, heat transfer uniformity, product performance
  • Control upgrades including flame safeguard and gas train upgrades
  • Burner troubleshooting
  • Dryer and oven inspection and maintenance services
  • Burner and control system inspections required by the National Fire Codes
  • Waste heat recovery feasibility studies including cost/benefit analysis and system design
  • Oxidizer inspection and maintenance services

Call us or use the QuickContact to the right to get the process started.  Cire works in close collaboration with you to achieve your goals.

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